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Sboty Project

Messaging Multiprotocol Application (bot) with automated responses using the AIML standard libraries.


  • xmpp
  • msn_lib (included and modified to fix deprecated methods)

You can install xmpp, using:

pip install xmpppy


  • Rename chatbot_settings.xml.EDITME to chatbot_settings.xml.
  • Edit chatbot_settings.xml filling the data required by each tag.
  • Run or according to what service you will be using.
  • To debug the AI, you can use/modify the scripts: (to show all questions being asked) or (to show only the unanswered ones).
  • If you need to change the logic or the content of the replies, change the corresponding files in the intelligence drawer.


Try adding this contact to gmail / google apps / live / hotmail :

AIML Reference


You can copy or modify the to accommodate to any service. Nowadays most messaging services use the xmpp protocol, so it should be simple to accommodate other providers.



Alfonso de la Guarda Reyes


César Bustios

Giancarlo Reyes


Under GPL / v3

Proprietary on demand when OSI / FSF licenses are not compatible with your desires

Recent activity

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