Tentcl is a small hand-parsed Tcl interpreter. This project was undertaken to better my understanding of the parsing and interpretation of programming languages.

It is an old project which was started in 2006. It is by no means complete, nor is it well-written -- it is more of a toy than something useful. It is extremely and inefficient in its execution, uses only lexical variables, and does not support much of the syntax of the Tcl language.

It is online for historical purposes only; although, in my opinion, the code is rather neatly written. But I am biased.

For license details, see LICENSE

Aaron Marks nymacro AT gmail DOT com


In additional to the Tentcl source code, you will also need the mathexpr source code, which must be placed in the Tentcl root directory. e.g.

  |- src/
  |- mathexpr/
  |- dstructs/
  |- lineread/
  |- Makefile


To build the tclsh program, run the following. Run ./tclsh to run a Tcl REPL, or ./tclsh --help for other execution options.

cd tentcl
make all


  • No non-numerical comparisons for conditionals (expr uses mathexpr, which does not support non-int types)
  • Inefficient.
  • Not thoroughly tested.
  • Other things.