Oben Sonne committed 62fc067

Allow custom markdown extensions per wiki

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+import sys
 import markdown
 from django.db.models import TextField
 from diggie.mdx import DiggieExtension
+from diggie.settings import WIKIDIR
+sys.path.insert(0, WIKIDIR)
+    from mixxie import extensions as cxl
+except ImportError:
+    cxl = []
 class MarkdownTextField (TextField):
         value = getattr(model, self.attname)
         dx = DiggieExtension(None)
-        mx = ("abbr", "toc", "tables", "def_list", "footnotes", dx)
+        mx = ["abbr", "toc", "tables", "def_list", "footnotes", dx] + cxl
         md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=mx, output_format="xhtml1")
         html = md.convert(value)
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