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-It is expected that you already created one or more EncFS folders.
+### Add an EncFS folder
-### Add an EncFS folder 
-Add an EncFS folder at `~/.Private.encrypted` which should get mounted to
+Suppose you have an EncFS folder at `~/.Private.encrypted` which should get
+mounted to `~/Private`. Make it known to *gnome-encfs*:
     $ gnome-encfs -a ~/.Private.encrypted ~/Private
     EncFS password: <enter encfs password>
 which looks up the password in the keyring and does the mounting without
 the need to enter the password manually.
+Unmount as usual, using *fusermount*:
+    $ fusermount -u ~/Private
 ### Other tasks
 You can also  show, edit and remove EncFS folders handled by *gnome-enfs*: