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Hi there, I just realized that gnome-encfs fails to mount my encfs dir after I have logged out before. It works great when restarting the system. Only logging out from gnome and logging in again does not lead to a mounted encfs. Do you need any log files or further information?

Cheers kasp

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  1. Oben Sonne repo owner

    Actually a logout does not unmount the file system. So it should be (still) there when logging in again. What happens if you try to mount by hand (see gnome-encfs --help)?

  2. Oben Sonne repo owner

    Definitely! Unfortunately I don't know of a hook which detects a logout from a GNOME session or, alternatively, a general user logout. Maybe there is one, any ideas?

  3. Oben Sonne repo owner
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    @Ryan Kirkman: thanks for the hint. Could be a solution, but staying resident would blow up the tool just to catch logout events. Recently I stumbled upon the /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default script, which runs after a GDM/GNOME session. Seems perfect but the problem is that editing this file needs root priviliges. Additionally, and this is the bigger problem, in this script it is not possible to contact the keyring anymore, in order to get the EncFS mount points managed by gnome-encfs. One solution would be to create a separate file (e.g. in ~/.config) which mirrors the mount points stored in the keyring (w/o password of course) - this file would be accessible from the GDM logout script.

    A manual fix for this problem (no unmount when logging out) is to write fusermount -u MOUNTPOINT commands for used mounts into /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default.

  4. Oben Sonne repo owner

    The README now (f1b43266151e ) contains some instructions for how to configure GDM to automatically unmount EncFS folders at GNOME logout. These instructions are independent from gnome-encfs.

    In practice, I think, this is the best solution to the problem. I wouldn't want gnome-enfs to edit the GDM hook script automatically, i.e. a partly integrated solution for the logout issue does not appear to be superior.

    That said, I close this issue now. Feel free to open a new one, if you have better suggestions.

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