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Prettify command help with reST

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     to-do lists as examples for things to synchronize. On a higher level this
     command not only synchronizes repositories but working copies. A central
     repository (usually without a working copy) must be used as synchronization
-    hub:
+    hub::
-    repo1 <--sync--> hub <--sync--> repo2
+      repo1 <--sync--> hub <--sync--> repo2
     Running this command in repo1 and repo2 ensures the working copies (!) of
-    both repositories stay in sync (as long as they are no conflicting
+    both repositories stay in sync (as long as there are no conflicting
-    HGRC configruation:
+    HGRC configruation::
-    [autosync]
-    merge = <merger>
-    alert = <alert-tool>
+      [autosync]
+      merge = <merger>
+      alert = <alert-tool>
     By default Mercurial's internal non-interactive merge is used when fetching
     from another repository. This can be changed with the `merge` option.