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S. Heimberg
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Could commit be made configurable. I would like to only push and pull.

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  1. Oben Sonne repo owner

    What about merges? In case a pull requires a merge with local changes, would you prefer to do that manually or let the fetch command handle it (like it is now).

  2. Ibraheem Zaman

    This request seems to be about adding an option for synchronizing only the repository without reference to the working directory. At the most basic level this should involve only push and pull, while leaving the working directory in it's initial state. If the push would cause a new remote head to be created, then it would fail until this can be resolved manually.

    In issue #6 I requested some more granular options, such as an option for pull only, and the inclusion of the update and rebase flags from the pull command. Of course these operations will abort in the case of uncommitted/conflicting changes, just as in the pull command.

    I wouldn't want to automate fetch in this case because that would clutter up the repository with unneeded branching and merging. The "unloved" state of the fetch extension (and the lack of a "merge" flag in the pull command to match the rebase flag) seems to indicate that most people prefer to merge and commit manually. However, fetch can also be included in this feature if desired, by only changing the current behavior to fail in the case of uncommitted changes instead of automatically committing them.

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