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 This extension provides the //autosync// command which automatically and continuously commits working copy changes, fetches (pull, merge, commit) changes from another repository and pushes local changes back to the other repository. Think of configuration files or to-do lists as examples for things to synchronize. On a higher level the //autosync// command not only synchronizes repositories but working copies. A central repository (usually without a working copy) must be used as synchronization hub:
-{{|Example repo setup}}
+{{|Example repo setup}}
 Running the autosync command in //work// and //home// ensures the working copies (!) of
 both repositories stay in sync (as long as they are no conflicting
 repositories which were supposed to get synchronized. Before running
 autosync, pull or commit something first manually.
-[[|{{|Flattr Mercurial AutoSync Extension}}]]
+[[|{{|Flattr Mercurial AutoSync Extension}}]]
 === Installation ===