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 Markowik is able to convert most Markdown constructs to its Google Code Wiki
 (GCW) equivalents. Instead of listing all supported conversions here, please
-have a look at Markowik's `test suite`_ and its `show case`_.
+have a look at Markowik's `test suite show case`__.
-.. _`test suite`:
-.. _`show case`:
+.. __:
 .. contents::
    :depth: 1
 To contribute to Markowik, fork the project at `Google Code`_, `BitBucket`_,
 or `GitHub`_.
-Every fix or new feature should include one ore more corresponding test cases
+Every fix or new feature should include one or more corresponding test cases
 (check the `existing tests`_ for how tests should look like). Please also `post
 an issue`_ describing your fix or enhancement.
-.. _`existing tests`: `test suite`_
+.. _`existing tests`:
 .. _`post an issue`:
 Markowik uses  `Buildout`_ to easily set up the development environment.