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<h2>Latest blog posts</h2>
<p class="post-title"><a href="">Do your eyes a favor with colored log output</a> <span>May 10, 2012</span></p>

<p class="post-summary">A simple solution to make log files more readable.</p>

<p class="post-title"><a href="">What the merge</a> <span>March 15, 2011</span></p>

<p class="post-summary">Analyze merges in Mercurial to see what a colleague did with your changes</p>

<p class="post-title"><a href="">Dropbox, EncFS and mounting pain</a> <span>January 30, 2010</span></p>

<p class="post-summary">Painlessly mount EncFS encrypted folders with strong passwords using Gnome's keyring manager</p>

<p class="post-title"><a href="">Automatically synchronize files with Mercurial</a> <span>November 27, 2009</span></p>

<p class="post-summary">How to use Mercurial to keep files in sync across work stations</p>

<p class="post-title"><a href="">Pimp your Poole site with a free CSS template</a> <span>November 22, 2009</span></p>

<p class="post-summary">Tutorial for applying a free CSS template to a Poole site</p>
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    A site by <a href="">Oben Sonne</a>
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    <a href="">Validate me</a>
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