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 **TIP**: You might want to add the last command to your `~/.bashrc`.
+**Python3**: Download the packages from the *py3* branch ([zip][zip3],
+[tgz][tgz3]) or check out the *py3* branch when cloned.
 Create and build a site project:
     $ mkdir /path/to/site/project
 Run `poole.py --build` whenever you've made some changes in the *input* folder.
-[zip]: http://bitbucket.org/obensonne/poole/get/tip.zip
-[tgz]: http://bitbucket.org/obensonne/poole/get/tip.tar.gz
+[zip]: http://bitbucket.org/obensonne/poole/get/default.zip
+[tgz]: http://bitbucket.org/obensonne/poole/get/default.tar.gz
+[zip3]: https://bitbucket.org/obensonne/poole/get/py3.zip
+[tgz3]: http://bitbucket.org/obensonne/poole/get/py3.tar.gz
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