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Python 3 incompatibilities

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I'm trying to run poole on archlinux, but when I'm starting the process with :

$ --init 

I have this error :

File "/usr/bin/poole/", line 399
exec stmt in macros.copy()
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I've installed the poole directory in /usr/bin/ and update my path like that :

$ export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/poole

My site directory is in my dropbox in my home folder.

Python v3.2.2-2 is installed on my computer as well as python-markdown.

Any idea about this error ?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Oben Sonne
    • changed status to open

    The problem here is that exec isn't a keyword anymore in Python 3 but a plain function. In other words, the exec ... syntax works only until Python 2.7.

    I try to make this Python 3 friendly ASAP. In the meantime you might run poole with a Python 2.7 installation.

  2. Oben Sonne

    Python 2/3 hack for the exec statement/function

    See for changes with regard to `exec`. The problem here is that we cannot use the function syntax in Poole already for Python 2.x since we need a qualified exec, and thus we need the `in` syntax which causes a syntax error in Py3.

    This workaround uses `execfile` in Py2 (which, as a function, does not cause syntax errors in Py3) and the `exec` function from the builtins in Py3.

    References issue 8.


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