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Issue #11 resolved

Poole on Gentoo Linux

Paul Barker
created an issue


Not sure where else to leave feedback so I've put it in an issue.

I've used Poole to set up my website (http://www.paulbarker.me.uk/). Firstly want to say thank you for the software, really simple and easy to use.

I use Gentoo Linux and so I've created an ebuild for Poole. That's just a recipe that tells Portage (Gentoo's package manager) how to download and install poole. My Portage overlay is at https://bitbucket.org/elprb2/b5-overlay/ and may be of use to anyone who wants to run Poole on Gentoo. Poole is listed as 'www-misc/poole' and installs as '/usr/bin/poole' (without the .py extension, personal preference but easy to change).

I did have to slightly patch the source to run on Gentoo. By default 'python' invokes Python 3 so my ebuild patches the first line to '#!/usr/bin/env python2' before installing. Not sure if this works or is needed on any other platform.


Paul Barker

Comments (4)

  1. Paul Barker reporter

    No, it failed with "ImportError: No Module Named StringIO". I couldn't find much useful on Google regarding that so tried it in Python 2 and it worked. I'm away from my desktop PC for the next few days so might not be able to get you a more detailed trace back or list of exact python version immediately.

  2. Paul Barker reporter

    I've had a quick look at the source code and poole doesn't seem to be compatible with python3. The '2to3' tool (which I think is provided by python3) makes a good start on the conversion but the code still fails as the decode method has been removed from string objects (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6867588/how-to-convert-escaped-characters-in-python). Decode is used on lines 419, 445 and 496 of the current version of poole.py by my reckoning. I've never used the decode method so don't know how I would go about fixing that myself.

    I've not used python 3 at all actually so can't really offer much help with a conversion sorry. At this stage, python 2 is easier for my because Gentoo doesn't consider python-markdown-2.1.1 stable yet and that is the version that installs with python 3 support.

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