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Paul Barker
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Not sure where else to leave feedback so I've put it in an issue.

I've used Poole to set up my website (http://www.paulbarker.me.uk/). Firstly want to say thank you for the software, really simple and easy to use.

I use Gentoo Linux and so I've created an ebuild for Poole. That's just a recipe that tells Portage (Gentoo's package manager) how to download and install poole. My Portage overlay is at https://bitbucket.org/elprb2/b5-overlay/ and may be of use to anyone who wants to run Poole on Gentoo. Poole is listed as 'www-misc/poole' and installs as '/usr/bin/poole' (without the .py extension, personal preference but easy to change).

I did have to slightly patch the source to run on Gentoo. By default 'python' invokes Python 3 so my ebuild patches the first line to '#!/usr/bin/env python2' before installing. Not sure if this works or is needed on any other platform.


Paul Barker

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  1. Paul Barker reporter

    No, it failed with "ImportError: No Module Named StringIO". I couldn't find much useful on Google regarding that so tried it in Python 2 and it worked. I'm away from my desktop PC for the next few days so might not be able to get you a more detailed trace back or list of exact python version immediately.

  2. Paul Barker reporter

    I've had a quick look at the source code and poole doesn't seem to be compatible with python3. The '2to3' tool (which I think is provided by python3) makes a good start on the conversion but the code still fails as the decode method has been removed from string objects (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6867588/how-to-convert-escaped-characters-in-python). Decode is used on lines 419, 445 and 496 of the current version of poole.py by my reckoning. I've never used the decode method so don't know how I would go about fixing that myself.

    I've not used python 3 at all actually so can't really offer much help with a conversion sorry. At this stage, python 2 is easier for my because Gentoo doesn't consider python-markdown-2.1.1 stable yet and that is the version that installs with python 3 support.

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