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We have moved to github

Please visit the new wiki here: https://github.com/oberasoftware/jasdb-open/wiki

OLD JasDB Documentation

This Wiki page contains all the information and documentation needed to get started with JasDB Enterprise. JasDB is an Java based document storage database that has the following features

  • Run as embedded DB inside the JVM
  • Json Document storage
  • User security and granting model
  • Optionally full in memory model
  • REST interface
  • Complete Querying functionality
  • High concurrency environment
  • Stackable components allow great flexibility
  • Extensible


We have the following configuration and installation details available:


API Usage

For details about using the API's look at the following detail pages:


If you are interested in using JasDB from your Java code, either by using the JasDB Java Rest or Local Client, all artefacts from 1.0 and above are available in Maven Central.

For older version below namely 0.8 and below use the following repository:

  <name>Internal release repository</name>

If you want to use the REST client for JasDB add the following dependency to your pom file:


When you want to run JasDB inside your application without using REST the following dependency is needed: