Renaming codefile doesn't make pytddmon red

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Issue #30 wontfix
Olof Bjarnason repo owner created an issue

If imports, and all unit tests pass, then pytddmon is green.

But renaming should then make pytddmon red (since test_some is dependent upon a module called some!), but that does not happen.

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  1. Olof Bjarnason reporter

    This is not a problem with, it's the general behaviour of Python (CPython at least). It's because renaming a .py doesn't automagically rename/remove it's corresponding .pyc file. So the (old) .pyc file is loaded instead of the original .py file, hence the unit test doing the import won't fail because of the rename.

    The problem is solved in Python3.2. Read PEP3147 ( for more details. Because of this, this "bug" is something that will solve itself in the future.

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