LAMP Setup based on CentOS 6.3 with Vagrant / Puppet


LAMP environment based on CentOS, specially prepared for working with SIFO PHP Framework projects.


  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP (with some useful packages)
  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • BIND (resolving development domains .local, .vm and .lan)
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol for system time synchronization)


Clone this repo

git clone --recursive vmSifo
cd vmSifo
vagrant up

The machine will be downloaded, all the packages installed and SIFO will be automatically cloned to /www/sifo. :)



  • Step 1. Add the VM as DNS server In order to enable development DNS like blahblah.local or blahblah.lan or blahblah.vm you should edit your network preferences and add as your DNS server the IP which is the IP of this box. If you don't like this IP you can change it in the file Vagrantfile (If you prefer to add the addresses in your /etc/hosts file you can skip this step.)

  • Step 2. Open the browser Now, you can reach the webroot with http://centos.local or SIFO homepage with http://sifo.local

Some useful information:

  • The Mysql password for root is empty.
  • To login into the VM type vagrant ssh or ssh vagrant@ -p 2222 (password 'vagrant')
  • To halt the VM: vagrant halt
  • To reload changes in the Vagrantfile: vagrant reload
  • To reload changes in the puppet manifest: vagrant provision

If you want a graphical client to access Mysql from your machine, you can do it with a SSH tunnel:

SSH Host: localhost
SSH user: vagrant
SSH password: vagrant
SSH Port: 2222
Username: root
Password: #empty#

There is no password, do not type "empty" :)

You'll have two shared folders inside shared folder on project root:

  • www: Your web DocumentRoot. You'll find sifo folder inside too.
  • logs: Logs from Apache and MySQL will be stored here.

This two folders will be mapped on root (/) folder on your guest Virtual Machine with full permissions (777).


We started this project inspireds by the pdaether repository on GitHub, although this project has been completely rewritten and adds more stuff. Almost all modules are from Puppet Labs.