Mobile Music: Push


Push is a piece of chance music performed with smartphones. This plugin creates a shortcode which provides the instrument for performance. Audio content must be uploaded to the WordPress site.


Install the plugin directory under wp-content/plugins or wp-content/mu-plugins.


  • Create a page template that supports the sidebar sidebar-mobile-music-instrument. The sidebar itself need not be laid out like an actual sidebar. This widget is intended to render JavaScript only.
  • Create a page in the WordPress administration for the Mobile Music: Push instrument with the shortcode [mobile_music_push] as the only content.
  • Select the template supporting the sidebar-mobile-music-instrument sidebar for your page.
  • Under Appearance ยป Widgets, add the Mobile Music Push widget to the Mobile Music Instruments sidebar.
  • Upload your audio content to the media library. The file names of your audio content must follow a specific naming convention: (Chord number)_(Melody number)_(Variant number)_(Slug).(Extention), e.g. 01_06_04_ringtone.mp3. Note the use of underscores.
  • Publish the page and view it. Click the Test button to test if audio content is loading.