Observant Records Artist Connector


Observant Records Artist Connector connects the Observant Records artist directory with WordPress.


Install the plugin directory under wp-content/plugins or wp-content/mu-plugins.


After installation, go to Settings / Artist Connector and fill in the fields to connect to the Observant Records database.

  • Database host: The name where the Observant Records database is hosted.
  • Database name: The name of the Observant Records database on the server.
  • Database user: The name of a user with credentials to read to the Observant Records database.
  • Database password: The password of the user.


After the plugin has been enabled and a database connnection stored, the Observant Records Artist Connector creates new post types: Artist, Album and Track. Editing posts in each of these new types includes a section for providing Observant Records meta data. Populate these fields with *_alias fields in the Observant Records database.