Observant Records Wordpress

Observant Records Wordpress is the Wordpress installation that powers the Observant Records family of weblogs: Observant Records, Eponymous 4, Empty Ensemble, Penzias and Wilson and Shinkyoku Advocacy.


Observant Records was previously managed by a combination of Movable Type and a custom content management system developed in CodeIgniter.

At the time Observant Records was launched, an architecture was in place where Movable Type was treated as a content store while Codeigniter handled integration with external database.

After years of accruing technical debt, the Observant Records sites were migrated first to Drupal in 2012, then finally to WordPress in 2014. A custom plugin and theme handled the external database integration.

About this repository

The repository contains the full installation of WordPress with any additional third-party and self-made customizations.

Content of the uploads directory is excluded, as well as the wp-config.php file.

Updates to WordPress are pulled from the Wordpress Github repo and pushed here.

Third-party plugins

The following third-party plugins have been installed for this instance of WordPress:

  • 42U Jetpack Booster
  • Add From Server
  • Akismet
  • Jetpack
  • Meta Slider
  • WordPress MU Domain Mapping


Bootstrap Overrides

Bootstrap Overrides allow comment forms and pagination links to use Bootstrap styles.

Observant Records Artist Connector

The Observant Records Artist Connector connects to a database containing discography information for Observant Records artists. A custom theme uses template tags generated by the plugin.

The connector provides artist information, discography, ecommerce links and audio.