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	if (!is_object($tutorial) || !$tutorial->active)
	<div id="footer">			
				<td><a href="hilfe.php" <?php echo ttd (_("Open the game help page in a new window")); ?> target="help" class="imp"><?php echo _("Help")?></a> | </td>
				<td><a href="einstellungen.php"  <?php echo ttd ("Change your personal avatar, town names and so on"); ?> class="imp"><?php echo ("Setup")?></a> | </td>
				<td><a href="chat/"  <?php echo ttd ("Selador Chat . get to know neighbours, friends and foes"); ?> class="imp" target="chat"><?php echo _("Chat")?></a> | </td>
				<td><a href=""  <?php echo ttd ("You can ask questions or report bugs in the forum."); ?> class="imp" target="_blank"><?php echo _("Forum");?></a> | </td>
				<td><a href="regeln_intern.php"  <?php echo ttd ("Rules, so everyone has fun with the game. Please read!"); ?> class="imp"><?php echo _("Rules")?></a> | </td>
				<td><a href="impressum_intern.php"  class="imp" ><?php echo _("Impressum")?></a> | </td>
				<td><a href="logout.php"  class="imp" ><?php echo _("Logout")?></a> | </td>
		Copyright 2005-2009 Kevin Read, Simone Sch&auml;fer, Falco Henkel. <?php echo sprintf(_("Selador is licenced under AGPL, you find the code %s here %s"), "<a href=".PROJECTSOURCE.">", "</a>");
		echo "</div>";
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