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Selador / php / base / config.inc.sample.php


/* config.sample.php - Sample config file
 * Copyright (C) 2006, 2007, 2008 Kevin Read, Simone Schaefer
 * This file is part of Selador, a browser-based fantasy strategy game
 * This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License.
 *   Selador is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *   it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
 *   the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
 *   any later version.
 *   Selador is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *   GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
 *   along with Selador.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

// WICHTIG: Hier der Link zu deinen _aktuellen_ Quellen. Sei AGPL konform!
define ("PROJECTHOME", "http://forum.selador.de/");

// URL of the start page of this Selador installation
// Only needed if portal is used
define ("MASTERURL", "");

// If this is true, this installation is only a portal
define ("IS_PORTAL", false);

// The master password - use this to log in to all accounts
define ("MASTER_PASSWORD", "BlaBl4-987654321");

// This is the name of the variable to pass with the URL to activate debug mode
define ("DEBUG_MODE_NAME", "wussup");

// And the content of the varaible
define ("DEBUG_MODE_CONTENT", "wassap");

// Set to -true- if you need one logfile per day. If -false- there is only one file
define ("MULTIPLE_LOGFILES", true);

// Name of the world in the database
define ("WORLDNAME", "det1");
// Name of the world, used for HTML title only
define ("WORLDTITLE", "Testwelt");

// How many attacks per day are allowed?
define ("BASH_THRESHOLD", 3);

// Path to your Selador installation
define ("BASE_PATH", "/var/www/");  // IMPORTANT: Needs / at end of string
// These depend on BASE_PATH, you probably
// dont need to change these.
define ("TILES_PATH", BASE_PATH."var/precalc/");
define ("MAP_PATH", BASE_PATH."var/premap/");
define ("TILEINFO_PATH", BASE_PATH."var/preinfo/");
define ("WORLDSTATS_PATH", BASE_PATH."local/hof/");

define ("FORUM_NEEDED", false);
if (!is_dir (BASE_PATH))
  echo "<strong>php/base/config.inc.php nicht korrekt konfiguriert</strong><br>";

if (substr (BASE_PATH, -1) != "/")
  echo "<strong>php/base/config.inc.php nicht korrekt konfiguriert: BASE_PATH muss mit &quot;/&quot; enden!</strong>";

// Game DB configuration data
define ("DB_USER", "DBUSER");
define ("DB_PASS", "DBPASS");
define ("DB_NAME", "DBNAME");
define ("DB_HOST", "DBHOST");

// Master DB configuration data
define ("AUTHDB_USER", "");
define ("AUTHDB_PASS", "");
define ("AUTHDB_NAME", "");
define ("AUTHDB_HOST", "localhost");

// Configuration for your mail server
define ("SEND_MAILS", false);
define ("MAILSERVER", "localhost");
define ("MAILUSER", "");  // For SMTP Authentication
define ("MAILPASSWORD", "");  // For SMTP Authentication
define ("MAILADDRESS", "support@your.domain.here");
define ("MAILAUTH", false); // Do SMTP Authentication?

// Can the user enter the chat?
define ("ALLOW_CHAT", true);

// This user can create, rename and delete help pages
define ("ADMIN_USERNAME", "admin");

// Should we add Google Analytics counter code?
define ("ANALYTICS_CODE", "");

// Do players have to activate their email address?
define ("ACTIVATION_NEEDED", false);

// Sets the speed for everything except troop movement
define ("WORLD_SPEED", 1.5);
// Sets the speed for troop movement
define ("WORLD_UNIT_SPEED", 4);
// Sets the speed for merchant movement
define ("WORLD_MERCH_SPEED", 4);
// This is in _addition_ to WORLD_SPEED (as in WORLD_SPEED*BUILD_SPEED)
// for land and city building duration
define ("BUILD_SPEED", 2.0);

//Various setup types
define ("SETUP_GROUP_LEAD", 7200);
define ("SETUP_GROUP_PART", 3600);
define ("SETUP_SIEGE", 43200);
define ("SETUP_ATTACK", 3600);
define ("SETUP_RAID", 2700);
define ("SETUP_SPY", 0);
define ("SETUP_SUPPORT", 300);
define ("SETUP_MOVE", 300);
define ("SETUP_RETURN", 0);

// How long is the 'warmup'-period in a war (Minutes)
define ("WAR_WARMUP", 720);
// How long is the  war (Hours)
define ("WAR_DURATION", 168);
// How long is the  war (Hours)
define ("WAR_COOLDOWN", 168);

// Are group attacks possible in this world?
define ("GROUP_ATTACK_POSSIBLE", false);
// Is conquering outposts possible in this world?
define ("SIEGE_POSSIBLE", false);
// When ETA is less than this (in seconds) troop movements
// cannot be aborted any more.
define ("TROOP_ABORT_TIME", 600);

// The village score a village needs to be displayed as medium size
define ("VILLAGE_SIZE_MEDIUM", 5000);

// The village score a village needs to be displayed as big size
define ("VILLAGE_SIZE_BIG", 10000);

// Do ghost's troop appear in spy reports?
define ("GHOST_TROOPS_VISIBLE", true);

// Here you can define break times (no attack possible)
// State start and end of time as unix timestamps. You can calculate them by doing
// echo mktime (HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND, MONTH, DAY, YEAR); in a php shell
// Or use these example lines:
// define ("START_OF_BREAK", mktime(23, 55, 00, 12, 23, 2009));
// define ("END_OF_BREAK", mktime(23, 55, 00, 12, 26, 2009));
// false for one of these means there is no peace break
define ("START_OF_BREAK", false);
define ("END_OF_BREAK", false);
define ("BREAK_MESSAGE", "%ss Truppen kommen bei %s vorbei, um ein frohes Fest zu wünschen!");
define ("BREAK_SUBJECT", "%s wünscht %s fröhliche Weihnachten");

// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
// Ab hier nur Sachen ändern, wenn ihr wisst, was ihr tut!

// The following lines describe the factor for the formula to calculate the new ressurces income after an update
define("FOOD_FOOD_INC", 16); // How much food does a food field
define("OTHER_GOLD_INC", 0.15); // How much gold does a food field
define("ENC_FOOD_INC", 8); // How much food does an enclave field
define("ENC_GOLD_INC",1.2); // How much gold does and enclave field
define("OTHER_OTHER_INC",8); // How much of 'its' ressource does a non enclave and no food field

$races_byid = array (1=>"Mensch", 4=>"Ork");
$races_pl_byid = array (1=>"Menschen", 4=>"Orks");
$classes_byid = array (1=>"Krieger", 2=>"Dieb", 3=>"Miner", 4=>"Händler");

define ("NEXTLEVEL_COSTS", 1.17);
define ("NEXTLEVEL_YIELD", 1.115);

// OP ressources costs are calculated: (#villages^OP_EXP)*OP_FAC
define ("OP_EXP",2);
define ("OP_FAC",5000);
// OP gold costs are calculated: (#vill^OP_EXP)*OP_FAC/OP_GOLD_DIV
define ("OP_GOLD_DIV",2.5);
// Needed res-field levels for becoming a real village: #vill*OP_LEVEL_FAC
define ("OP_LEVEL_FAC",5);

define ("MAP_NUMFIELDS", 20);

$master_uids = array (5,8,67);
$support_uid = 1;

define ("WORLD_SIZEX", 1200);
define ("WORLD_SIZEY", 1200);

define ("NUMBER_FORMAT1", ",");
define ("NUMBER_FORMAT2", ".");
define ("PHP_DATE_FORMAT", "d.m.y");
define ("MYSQL_DATE_FORMAT", "%d.%m.%y");
define ("MYSQL_DATETIME_FORMAT", "%d.%c.%Y - %H:%i");

define ("SUPPORT_UID", 1);

$_ghost_uids = array (1=>344, 4=>788);

define ("BASE_STORAGE", 3000);
define ("LVL1_STORAGE", 4000);
define ("LVL2_STORAGE", 2000);
define ("BUILD_TIME_BASE", 1.0);

define ("WALL_HP_BASE", 1.4);
define ("WALL_HP_START", 4000);

define ("FINITE_RESSOURCES", false);
define ("RESS_RESERVE", 2000000.0);		// This has to be float!!!
define ("FOREST_REGROWTH", 500);

// The increment each research level brings to battle-related variables
define ("RESEARCH_STEP", 3);

define ("ADS", false);

define ("PROJECTSOURCE", "http://sourceforge.net/projects/selador/");