Name Size Downloads Date
obviel-1.0.tgz 548.3 KB 40
obviel-1.0rc1.tgz 548.2 KB 5
obviel-1.0b6.tgz 585.9 KB 19
obviel-1.0b5.tgz 580.5 KB 31
obviel-1.0b4.tgz 580.4 KB 11
obviel-1.0b3.tgz 579.2 KB 13
obviel-1.0b2.tgz 521.9 KB 32
obviel-1.0b.tgz 441.7 KB 20
obviel-0.11.1.tgz 394.6 KB 11
obviel-0.11.tgz 394.4 KB 5
obviel-0.10.tgz 383.7 KB 25
obviel-0.9.1.tgz 313.7 KB 15
obviel-0.9.tgz 300.3 KB 19
Tag Commit Date Download
tip c1ea42e
1.0 03db70c
1.0rc1 fc80b58
1.0b6 2f0213b
1.0b5 4bad6c8
1.0b4 1e62bf8
obviel-1.0b4 2b1576f
1.0b3 438aca1
1.0b2 8f01101
0.11.2 4ef7531
1.0b e5d7dbe
obviel-events d36c392
0.10 92ae6a0
0.9.1 cc07e07
0.9 80a08e6
before_forms2_compat_with_views_broken 019e08a
Branch Commit Date Download
default c1ea42e
sync2 d0e9ff5
amd 29b4850
sync 729d1e1
busterjs 1850101
i18n-loading c758548
0.11 c5c8868
plural 01859b7
jquery-1.7.2 dfa80fd
template f57a701
template-codegen 1fa816b
alternate-uri-schemes 85a9f20
branch-0.9 ccfe078
faassen-datalink 4e3b1a6
faassen-refactor 4aba780
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