Series of tools to generate and visualise stats from a bugzilla repository.

How do I get set up?

The code is developed for the following versions:

  • python 3.6.1
  • python-bugzilla 2.1.0
It can be install either with pip::
>>> pip install .
or directly with::
>>> python install

How to use it?

You can either generate a full report with the command line interface::
>>> bzbugstats
or craft your own queries using Here are some examples of specific queries::
>>> python --component evolution --type priority
>>> python --all-components --type unconfirmed
>>> python --from 2017-06-01 --type closed
>>> python --type new
>>> python --type activity
>>> python --type activity --details

Using the bzbugstats command generate both an html report and a text version. The text version can be sent by email using:

>>> bzbugstats-email --to

This works only if ~/.hgrc exists with an [smtp] section which defines which server to use. If the [email] section exists, it is used to infer the from field, if not you have to specify it by hand.

More details can be found in the script documentation.