BlueSky Theme

This is a plugable theme for Django CMS. A simple set of three and two column theme templates. This theme features a dynamic width of viewing area that is appropriate for most all browsers including mobile ones (without zooming).

Included templates are:

  • Base - A three column template (leftmost one is the menu).
  • Two Column - A two column template.


First, install the app like so:

pip install -e git+

Next, add 'bluesky_theme' to your INSTALLED_APPS list, like this:



This theme uses/requires 'django-less' (, so make sure that is installed and added to the INSTALLED_APPS list as well.

You will then see the templates from this theme available in your templates drop down when editing your site.

Advanced Installation

To gain some additional functionality and consistancy within your site, you should also:

  • Create a base.html file in your site's templates directory that simply extends this theme, like so:
{% extends "bluesky_theme/bluesky_theme.html" %}
  • If you are using the TinyMCE editor, add this theme's edit.css to your editor's settings, like so:
    'content_css' : STATIC_URL + "bluesky_theme/css/edit.css",