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More Django version pins

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     print "...installing django-djaboto via pip"
     check_call(['pip', 'install', 'git+'])
     print "...installing django via pip"
-    check_call(['pip', 'install', '--upgrade', '--download-cache=%s' % cache_dir, '--source=%s' % cache_dir, 'Django'])
+    check_call(['pip', 'install', '--upgrade', '--download-cache=%s' % cache_dir, '--source=%s' % cache_dir, 'Django>=1.4, <1.5'])
     print "...upgrading distribute"
     check_call(['pip', 'install', '--upgrade', '--download-cache=%s' % cache_dir, '--source=%s' % cache_dir, 'distribute>=0.6.30'])
     print "...upgrading/installing MySQL-python"
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