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Finalized repairs on checkmix

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     DIR_DATACONF_NEW = os.path.join('/home', getuser(), '.soupmix', args.site_name)
     if not os.path.exists(DIR_DATACONF_NEW):
         print DIR_DATACONF_NEW
+        fab_api.env.host_string = 'localhost'
+        fab_api.env['user'] = getuser()
         #'python migrate --verbosity=0')'mkdir -p %s' % DIR_DATACONF_NEW)'mv %s/ %s' % (DIR_BIN, DIR_DATACONF_NEW))
         check_call(['mv', '%s/' % DIR_BIN, DIR_DATACONF_NEW])
     localhost_datafile = os.path.join(DIR_DATACONF_NEW, '' % gethostname())
     fab_api.env.host_string = 'localhost'
+    fab_api.env['user'] = getuser()
     if os.path.exists(localhost_datafile):
         print localhost_datafile
         print os.path.exists(localhost_datafile)
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