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django-djaboto / Design Vision

Using the SoupMix:


  • Create Local/Development environment (in Ubuntu for the moment)
    • Check or Make BASEDIR (/django)
    • Check orMake CACHEDIR (BASEDIR/cache)
    • virtualenv (BASEDIR/python) - optionally delete it if it already exists for a clean update path from requirements.txt changes
    • Check and Install OS Updates
    • Optionally install MySQL server
  • Spice the Project up with some preconfigured goodies (originally from a project called django-soupmix)
    • Get a "spice" archive and extract to temp, then run it's A spice archive is a collection of html templates, media files, a requirements.txt and an installer that expects a default layout defined by the version of Django in it's own requirements.txt file.
      • Copy files and dirs
        • requirements.txt
        • static
        • templates
      • perform any other actions
    • activate and pip install requirements.txt
    • activate and startproject <SITENAME>
    • pip install requirements.txt
  • Develop custom solution by generating the following:
    • Templates (HTML)
    • CSS
    • IMG
    • JS
    • Poke The Pony
  • Deploy to an AWS instance (running Ubuntu for the foreseeable future)
    • Connect to the AWS account
    • Check/Create AWS account access SSHKey for instance
    • Check/Create AWS security groups (WWW and Developer)
    • Select/Create an instance
    • Select/Create an Elastic IP and attach it to this instance if it does not already have one
    • Run "Create" on the server instance over ssh
    • create a DeployKey, and install it in the instance (this is for access to modules, not the spice)
    • Unison the project to the instance
    • pip install requirements.txt
    • DropDB
    • syncdb
    • migrate
    • collectstatic
    • set permissions
    • Apache
      • conf from template
      • optionally remove existing default.conf
      • restart
    • PokeThe Pony