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 Welcome to Django-Boto! Also known as Djaboto, this tool allows for fast prtotyping (as if Django was not quick enough already!?) - and easy usage, particualrly for beginners.  This project started out as simple automation of our daily process when building Django sites, and may still have a vew rough edges as we clean it up and make it more generally usable by others.  We are open to suggestions and comments for improvment - welcome to them in fact, so please add your two cents!
 = Installing =
-Installation is fairly simple and typical for python projects.  However, if you are a very new "beginner" I suggest looking one section down in the Tutorial.
+Installation is fairly simple and typical for python projects.  We will attempt to write all docs for the very "new" beginners as well as the seasoned vets out there.
 * Create a virtual environment for your projects to use.  It is safeer, easier (once you get used to the differences from using your system python) and ultimately more portable