PyHO / scripts /


echo -e "\nThis script will install all necessary dependencies for
PyHO project on Ubuntu 12.04.\n\n"

REPOS="deb precise universe\ndeb precise-updates universe\ndeb precise multiverse\ndeb precise-updates multiverse\ndeb precise-security universe\ndeb precise-security multiverse" 
echo -e "${REPOS}" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/missing_repos.list > /dev/null

echo -e "Updating package database...\n"
sudo apt-get update 1>/dev/null

echo -e "Installing system packages...\n"
# Evaluator dependencies
sudo apt-get install -y "python-dev" "python-setuptools" "python-zmq" "build-essential" "cython"

# Optimizer dependencies
sudo apt-get install -y "python-numpy" "libblas-dev" "liblapack-dev"
sudo easy_install ""

echo -e "Installing PyHO as a Python package in user home...\n"
python install --user

echo -e "\nInstallation complete.\n"
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