Client memcache ocaml library

This is a ocaml library that implements binary protocol for memcache.

Author         : Alexey Kishkin (
Status         : beta version
Reason         : Was not able to find good memcache client that implements decent binary protocol.
How to install : Just drop and memcache.mli files to your project. uses unix library.

open Memcache

let connector = new memcache_connector "localhost" 1999;;

connector#add "walrus" "Odobenus rosmarus" 0 0;;

connector#add "wax" "dum spiro -- spero" 0 0;;

let result,key,value = connector#get "walrus" in
      match result with
       | MC_Key_not_found -> print_endline "not found"
       | MC_No_error -> print_endline value
       | _ -> print_endline "Something wrong"