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Added rope-project-config

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 New Features
-* Auto-completing python names (code-assist); ``M-/``
-* Rope find file; ``C-c p f``
-* Generate python element; ``C-c n [vfcmp]``
-* Previewing changes
-* Specifying refactoring options
-* Restructuring support
-* Added ``rope-confirm-saving`` variable
-* Only activating local keys in python mode
-* Find file and advanced matching
 Setting Up
 C-x p f         rope-find-file
 C-x p u         rope-undo-refactoring
 C-x p r         rope-redo-refactoring
+C-x p c         rope-project-config
 C-c r r         rope-rename
 C-c r l         rope-extract-variable
-> Public Release 0.2
+- edit project config; ``C-x p c`` : November 28, 2007
+> Public Release 0.2 : November 28, 2007
 - previewing changes : November 27, 2007
 - specifying refactoring options : November 26, 2007
 * including pymacs in ropemacs?
 * change pymacs to accept unicode strings
 * saving the old values of refacturing config
+> Public Release 0.3
 * find occurrences
 * new file/directory/module/package; C-x p n [fdmp]
 * showing proposal type in code-assist


             ('C-x p k', lisp.rope_close_project),
             ('C-x p u', lisp.rope_undo_refactoring),
             ('C-x p r', lisp.rope_redo_refactoring),
-            ('C-x p f', lisp.rope_find_file)]
+            ('C-x p f', lisp.rope_find_file),
+            ('C-x p c', lisp.rope_project_config)]
         self.local_keys = [
             ('M-/', lisp.rope_code_assist),
         file = self.project.get_file(path)
+    @interactive
+    def project_config(self):
+        self._check_project()
+        if self.project.ropefolder is not None:
+            config = self.project.ropefolder.get_child('')
+            lisp.find_file(config.real_path)
+        else:
+            lisputils.message('No rope project folder found')
     def _goto_location(self, location, readonly=False):
         if location[0]:
             resource = location[0]
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