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Added one more restructuring example to README.txt

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    ?pycore.type == rope.base.pycore.PyCore
    ?project.type == rope.base.project.Project
+.. ignore the two-space indents
 This is a valid ``batchset`` string for restructurings.  When using
 batchset, you usually want to skip initial questions.  That can be
 done by prefixing refactorings.
+Just for the sake of completeness, the reverse of the above
+restructuring can be::
+  pattern ${?create_module}(${?project}, ${?name})
+  goal ${?project}.pycore.create_module(${?project}.root, ${?name})
+  checks
+   ?create_module == rope.contrib.generate.create_module
+   ?project.type == rope.base.project.Project
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