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Using yes-or-no-p for committing the preview

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 returned back to the base prompt.  Finally, you can ask rope to
 perform, preview or cancel the refactoring.
 See keybinding_ section and try the refactorings yourself.
+Finding Files
+By using ``rope-find-file`` (``C-x p f`` by default), you can search
+for files in your project.  When you complete the minibuffer you'll
+see all files in the project; files are shown as their reversed paths.
+For instance ``projectroot/docs/todo.txt`` is shown like
+``todo.txt<docs``.  This way you can find files faster in your

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 * including pymacs in ropemacs?
 * change pymacs to accept unicode strings
 * saving the old values of refacturing config
+* find occurrences
 > Public Release 0.2

File ropemacs/__init__.py

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-def _y_or_n_p(prompt):
-    return lisp.y_or_n_p(prompt)
+def _yes_or_no(prompt):
+    return lisp.yes_or_no_p(prompt)
 DEFVARS = """\

File ropemacs/refactor.py

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-            if ropemacs._y_or_n_p('Do the changes? '):
+            if ropemacs._yes_or_no('Do the changes? '):