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docs: pointing to the new pymacs

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 and pymacs_ before using ropemacs.
 .. _`rope`:
-.. _pymacs:
+.. _pymacs:
 New Features
 Setting Up
-Pymacs_ has not been maintained for a few years.  I've started a new
-Mercurial repo and applied a few fixes which is available at
-  Also you can download `rpymacs
 After installing pymacs, add these lines to your ``~/.emacs`` file::
   (require 'pymacs)
 them somewhere and add these lines to your ``.emacs``::
   ;; Add this before loading pymacs if you haven't installed rope and ropemacs
-  (setq pymacs-load-path '("/home/ali/projects/rope"
-                           "/home/ali/projects/ropemacs"))
-.. _`rpymacs snapshot`:
+  (setq pymacs-load-path '("/path/to/rope"
+                           "/path/to/ropemacs"))
 Getting Started

File docs/ropemacs.txt

 * repo url:
 * snapshot:
-Revised pymacs:
-* repo url:
-* snapshot:
 .. _project download page:
 .. _`rope-dev (at)`:
-.. _pymacs:
+.. _pymacs:
 .. _Mercurial: