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Moving _perform to ropemacs.refactor

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+- specifying refactoring options : November 26, 2007
 - restructuring support : November 26, 2007
 - added ``rope-confirm-saving`` variable : November 26, 2007
 - only activating local keys in python mode : November 26, 2007
 > Public Release 0.2
-* specifying refactoring options
 * new file/directory/module/package; C-x p n [fdmp]
 * showing proposal type in code-assist


             for changes in self.project.history.redo():
-    def _perform(self, changes):
-        if changes is None:
-            return
-        self._reload_buffers(changes.get_changed_resources())
-        lisp.message(str(changes.description) + ' finished')
     def _get_region(self):
         offset1 = self._get_offset()
         return _ask(data.prompt, default=data.default, starting=data.starting)
+def _message(self, message):
+    lisp.message(message)
 DEFVARS = """\
 (defvar rope-confirm-saving t


             ropemacs._lisp_askdata, ['perform', 'cancel'],
             self._get_confs(), self._get_optionals())
         if action != 'perform':
-            lisp.message('Cancelled!')
+            ropemacs._message('Cancelled!')
         changes = self._calculate_changes(result)
     def _perform(self, changes):
-        self.interface._perform(changes)
+        if changes is None:
+            return
+        self.interface._reload_buffers(changes.get_changed_resources())
+        ropemacs._message(str(changes.description) + ' finished')
     def _get_confs(self):
         return self.confs
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