ropemacs / docs / pymacs_signalrecursion.patch

# It can be applied on Pymacs 0.23 or 0.24-beta1.  The problem is
# signal.signal() is called twice for signal.SIGINT.  You can use
# ``patch -p1 < signal_recursion.patch`` in the extracted directory.

--- a/Pymacs/
+++ b/Pymacs/
@@ -69,20 +69,6 @@
         import signal
         self.original_handler = signal.signal(
                 signal.SIGINT, self.interrupt_handler)
-        for counter in range(1, signal.NSIG):
-            if counter == signal.SIGINT:
-                self.original_handler = signal.signal(counter,
-                                                      self.interrupt_handler)
-            # The following few lines of code are reported to create IO
-            # problems within the Pymacs helper itself, so I merely comment
-            # them for now, until we know better.
-            #else:
-            #    try:
-            #        signal.signal(counter, self.generic_handler)
-            #    except RuntimeError:
-            #        pass
         self.inhibit_quit = True
         # Start protocol and services.
         from Pymacs import __version__
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