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per_page reset logic added

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+from ninjapaginator.util import NinjaPaginator


     Pagination decorator with multiple types of pagination
     Should be used along with 'render_to' decorator
     from django-annoying application
     def __init__(self, object_list='object_list', style='digg', per_page=10, frame_size=8):
         self.object_list = object_list = style
         self.per_page = per_page
+        self.per_page_backup = per_page
         self.frame_size = frame_size
     def __call__(self, function):
         if "per_page" in params:
             self.per_page = int(params['per_page'])
+            # reset per_page variable to default
+            self.per_page = self.per_page_backup
             params['per_page'] = self.per_page
         extra_params = ""
 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
     name = "django-ninjapaginator",
-    version = "0.1.3",
+    version = "0.1.4",
     packages = find_packages(),
     author = "Anderson",
     author_email = "",
     description = "Django application with multiple type of pagination integrated",
     license = "BSD",
     keywords = "django",
-    url = "",
+    url = "",
     install_requires = ["django-annoying"],
     include_package_data = True,
     zip_safe = False
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