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 from django.contrib import auth 
 from annoying.decorators import render_to
-from confirmation.models import Confirmation
-from openauth.utils import email_template, str_to_class, get_backend
-from openauth.forms import SocialIDExtraForm
+from openauth.utils import str_to_class, get_backend
 from openauth import settings
     Handle registration of new user with extra data for profile
-    backend = get_backend(provider)
         identity = request.session['identity']
     except KeyError:
         raise Http404
     if request.method == "POST":
         form = str_to_class(settings.SOCIALID_EXTRA_FORM)(request.POST)
         if form.is_valid():
             user =, provider)
             del request.session['identity']
-            if settings.OPENID_ACTIVATION_REQUIRED:
-                confirmation = Confirmation.objects.create(user, settings.ACTIVATION_TYPE)
-                params = {'domain': request.get_host(), 'email':, 'url': confirmation.get_url(request)}
-                email_template(, 'openauth/mail/registration.txt', **params)
-                request.flash['success'] = openauth.lang.PLEASE_ACTIVATE
-                return redirect("/")
             user = auth.authenticate(identity=identity, provider=provider)
             if user:
                 auth.login(request, user)
-                redirect_url = request.session['next_url']
+                next_url = request.session['next_url']
                 del request.session['next_url']
-                return redirect(redirect_url)
+                return redirect(next_url)
         initial = request.session['extra']
         form = str_to_class(settings.SOCIALID_EXTRA_FORM)(initial=initial)
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