redirect to /auth/extra/vkontakte/ or /auth/extra/facevook/

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Application was installed as describe in wiki, database was created etc. But after I try to register via facebook or vkontakte, application redirect me to /auth/extra/facebook/ Looks like, they want ask me fill some extra form, but i didn't define PUBLICAUTH_EXTRA_FORM.

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  1. Shmigelsky Andrey repo owner

    It seems that some of the services like facebook, doesn't return needed information to fill the default form (username).

    You need to fill PROFILE_MAPPING for username

    for example facebook mapping in one of my projects looks like that:

    FACEBOOK_PROFILE_MAPPING = { 'name': 'username', 'email': 'email', }

  2. jinxu reporter

    I think you are right, maybe it's facebook problem, i have already setup FACEBOOK_PROFILE_MAPPING. In one of my project it's works, but in second this totally same code I have this stupid problem. What you suggestion ?? how to resolve this problem, create one more application for facebook ???

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