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django-publicauth / PROFILE_MAPPING

In order to fill extra fields that may be required by your user profile, you need to setup couple of variables in of your project.

The name of variable should be uppercased name of backend + "_PROFILE_MAPPING". For example: GOOGLE_PROFILE_MAPPING, TWITTER_PROFILE_MAPPING, etc..

The value of this variable must be dictionary with name of the field on the provider side and its value must be name of your form field. For example:

TWITTER_PROFILE_MAPPING = { 'screen_name': 'username', }

Here you can see that 'screen_name' is what you asking from twitter, in your EXTRA_FORM you will see the value of this under key 'username'. This is because every authentication method can provide different names for its data and you need to unify it.

Also you can override the EXTRA_FORM itself and set PUBLICAUTH_EXTRA_FORM variable with value as path to your custom form. Dont forget to implement save method in this form.


You can fetch any data from this keys for example: 'screen_name', 'id', 'profile_image_url', etc..