Waylan Limberg committed 8b2330b

Removed depreciated 'source' keyword argument from Markdown.__init__() in preparation for 2.0. This should be the last of any depreciated features.

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-    def __init__(self, source=None,  # depreciated
+    def __init__(self, 
                  safe_mode = False):
         Keyword arguments:
-        * source: The text in Markdown format. Depreciated!
         * extensions: A list of extensions.  
            If they are of type string, the module will be loaded.  
            If they are a subclass of markdown.Extension, they will be used 
-        self.source = source
-        if source is not None:
-            message(WARN, "The `source` arg of Markdown.__init__() is depreciated and will be removed in the future. Use `instance.convert(source)` instead.")
+        self.source = None
         self.safeMode = safe_mode
         self.blockGuru = BlockGuru()
         self.registeredExtensions = []