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Waylan Limberg  committed cdb5c98

Adding mdx_extra. This is a first try and, while it works, does not
nessecarily pass configs through to the individual extensions properly.
Not sure if it's a bug in markdown.py or should be addressed in the
extension, or both (internal extensions are getting `configs=[]` instead of
`configs={}`). A quick hack in this extension (`configs=dict(configs)`)
avoids any errors but may munge any configs it passes on. Needs more testing.

Note I have not added it to the distribution (via setup.py of MANIFEST)
as its not quite ready for prime-time yet.

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+#!/usr/bin/env python
+Python-Markdown Extra Extension
+A compilation of various Python-Markdown extensions that imitates
+[PHP Markdown Extra](http://michelf.com/projects/php-markdown/extra/).
+As no-one has yet written a Definition List extension for Python-
+Markdown, definition lists are not yet supported by Extra.
+Note that each of the individual extensions still need to be available
+on your PYTHONPATH. This extension simply wraps them all up as a 
+convenience so that only one extension needs to be listed when
+initiating Markdown. See the documentation for each individual
+extension for specifics about that extension.
+In the event that one or more of the supported extensions are not 
+available for import, Markdown will simply continue without that 
+extension. If you would like to be notified of such failures,
+you may set Python-Markdown's logger level to "WARN".
+There may be additional extensions that are distributed with 
+Python-Markdown that are not included here in Extra. Those extensions
+are not part of PHP Markdown Extra, and therefore, not part of
+Python-Markdown Extra. If you really would like Extra to include
+additional extensions, we suggest creating your own clone of Extra
+under a differant name. You could also edit the `extensions` global 
+variable defined below, but be aware that such changes may be lost 
+when you upgrade to any future version of Python-Markdown.
+import markdown
+extensions = ['fenced_code',
+              'footnotes',
+              'headerid',
+              'tables',
+              'abbr',
+              ]
+class ExtraExtension(markdown.Extension):
+    """ Add various extensions to Markdown class."""
+    def extendMarkdown(self, md, md_globals):
+        """ Register extension instances. """
+        md.registerExtensions(extensions, self.config)
+def makeExtension(configs={}):
+    return ExtraExtension(configs=dict(configs))