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This is a Python implementation of John Gruber's [Markdown][]. It is almost completely compliant with the reference implementation, though there are a few known issues. See [Features][] for information on what exactly is supported and what is not. Additional features are supported by the [Available Extensions][].

[Python-Markdown]: [Markdown]: [Features]: [Available Extensions]:


To install Python Markdown [download][] the zip file and extract the files. If you want to install markdown as a module into your python tree, run sudo python install from a directory where you unzip the files.


Command Line Usage

To use from the command line, run it as

python <input_file>


python <input_file> > <output_file>

For more details, use the -h or --help options from the command line or read the [Command Line Docs][] available online.

[Command Line Docs]:

Using as a Python Module

To use markdown as a module:

import markdown html = markdown.markdown(your_text_string)

For more details see the [Module Docs][].

[Module Docs]:


You may ask for help and discuss various other issues on the [mailing list][] and report bugs on the [bug tracker][].

[mailing list]: [bug tracker]:


  • Most of the code currently in the module was written by [Yuri Takhteyev][] while procrastinating from his Ph.D.
  • The original version of this script was written by [Manfred Stienstra][], who is responsible for about a quarter of the code.
  • Many recent bugs are being fixed by [Waylan Limberg][].

Other contributions:

  • Daniel Krech provided the script.
    1. Clark Haynes submitted a patch for indented lists.
  • Tiago Cogumbreiro submitted an email autolink fix.
  • Sergej Chodarev submitted a patch for treatment of <hr/> tags.
  • Chris Clark submitted a patch to handle <mailto:...> syntax and a reg ex for "smart" emphasis (ignoring underscores within a word).
  • Steward Midwinter wrote command-line parser and cleaned up comments.
  • Many other people helped by reporting bugs.

[Yuri Takhteyev]: [Manfred Stienstra]: [Waylan Limberg]:


The code is dual-licensed under [GPL][] and [BSD License][]. Other licensing arrangements can be discussed.

[GPL]: [BSD License]: