. DONE Make terrain in Y	
. DONE Fix texture coordinate issues
. DONE Fix the exsisting normals state 					
. ALMOST DONE Add normals for connection meshes 
Comment: When averaging face normals from clipmaps there are still some artificats.
. DONE Add normal cache to vertices
. DONE Update normals with motion
. DONE Display huge terrain
Comment: Also we can have variable scale between 2 levels but then that should match scale in the heightmap level.
. DONE Auto loop data if out of bounds; add support to resource manager
Comment: Terrain now loops, but the looping doesnt look good. 
. Add both disk/network support
. Add to meru

Mid term
. Investigate if transferring entire data is a bottleneck. If so lock only the modified verticies.
. Hide finer levels as we go higher
. Update only part of the buffer. Acquire lock accordingly. See lock specification.

Long term
. Divide the rings into smaller chunks to use occlusion culling
. Compute appropriate bounding boxes for the terrain
. Investigate if % operation is expensive. If so need to figure out a way to reduce its usage
. Terrain texture coordinates are derived from vertex positions. This saves a lot of time but will it always work?
If texcoord need be range bound then we should try offseting by vertex x,z every so often