Dr. Gumby - Brain Specialist

Author: Olivier Grisel <>
Description:Overview of the Dr. Gumby project

1   Goal

Dr. Gumby is an experimental python library and set of utilities to loosely simulate neo-cortical learning and inference with a layered structure of Support Vector Machines models.

The general idea of Dr. Gumby is mainly inspired by the architectural considerations of Jeff Hawkins in his book "On Intelligence" and by the publications of Karl Friston on free energy and the brain.

The main idea is that predictions of the upper layers are used by the lowest layers to predict their future states while surprises (i.e. prediction errors) flows up from the lowest layers (next to the receptors) to the upper layers.

Experiments include 3D movie prediction and other arbitrary time series forecasting.

Dr. Gumby is implemented in python using the numpy / scipy libraries for numeric computations and plotting with a libsvm python binding to perform model training and prediction.

2   Getting started

Follow the instructions in INSTALL.txt to get the gumby library up and working and read the restructured text version of the documentation in the doc/ folder.

To build the HTML version using sphinx along with generated images and movies from the doctests please type:

$ make test
$ make html

And point your browser to doc/_build/html/index.html.

3   Licensing

Dr. Gumby is an Open Source project released under the GPL license.