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make Layer.build_training_set() public

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         t0 = time()
         # collect data to build the training set
-        m_inputs, m_outputs = self._build_training_set(
+        m_inputs, m_outputs = self.build_training_set(
             max_sample_size, do_shuffle, **kw)
         # perform the actual model training
         self.logger.info("training on layer %d on %d data points [%0.3fs]",
                          id(self), len(m_inputs), time()-t0)
-    def _build_training_set(self, max_sample_size=None, do_shuffle=True, **kw):
+    def build_training_set(self, max_sample_size=None, do_shuffle=True, **kw):
         """Train build the training set out of the recorded histories