This document is "Memory: Colors" game creation guide.

Here we teach you how to create the game from scratch.

The game is open source and runs on the following platforms:

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

Note: this guide requires

  • basic C++ knowledge
  • basic 3D knowledge

About the game

Wikipedia gives the following definition:

Concentration, also known as Match Match, Match Up, Memory, Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso or simply Pairs, is a card game in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards.

Try web version.

Create the game from scratch

01. Features

First, let's understand how the game behaves. Continue reading...

02. Display red cube

It's time to install build environment and display our very first cube. Continue reading...

03. Create screen stubs

Let's create three screen stubs and switch among them by mouse click or tap. Continue reading...

04. Create Start and Finish screens

Create Start and Finish screen text. Also, add cool background. Continue reading...

05. Create Game screen

Create Game screen. This is the final screen. Continue reading...


That's it! We created a simple game using MJIN. Congratulations!

Here's web version of the result.