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leonidr created an issue


I think Core is great and pretty useful, but do you think that you need to depend on it for this library? As far as I can tell, the library is only using it for Date.t, Time.t and their respective format functions. It seems like a pretty heavy dependency for some simple functionality. I ask only because I've spent the past 20 minutes repinning Core due to their bugs rather than trying out your library.

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  1. Oliver Gu repo owner


    sorry for the inconvenience. I agree that the dependency is really heavy and I considered a more lightweight alternative like the calendar package on OPAM. However, I decided to go with Core since I use gnuplot a lot in combination with ibx (which uses both Core and Async heavily) to plot time series data and I wanted to avoid any additional mapping code. If you want a plotting package with very little dependencies then you should try out archimedes.

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