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+2013-11-23: Fixed parse error by adding CME as an exchange.
+            More flexible error handling: We include Tws_error messages into
+            the values of a pipe of a streaming request. This allows us to
+            do pattern matching on Tws_error's in order to better control the
+            progrm flow in case of an error.
 2013-11-02: TWS clients can receive account and portfolio updates.
 2013-08-13: Fixed compatibility issues with Async 109.35.00.
 OASISFormat:      0.3
 Name:             ibx
-Version:          0.6.0
+Version:          0.6.1
 Synopsis:         OCaml implementation of the Interactive Brokers TWS API
 Description:      IBX is a pure OCaml implementation of the Interactive Brokers
                   Trader Workstation API (TWS API) built on top of
-# DO NOT EDIT (digest: 70cce9f7c8ba0532f53d66a9439f44b0)
-version = "0.6.0"
+# DO NOT EDIT (digest: aad673399fd98dcfea2babadc6e35e57)
+version = "0.6.1"
 description = "OCaml implementation of the Interactive Brokers TWS API"
 requires = "core async sexplib.syntax fieldslib.syntax textutils threads str"
 archive(byte) = "ibx.cma"
 val server_time_exn : t -> Time.t Deferred.t
-(* {1 Market data} *)
+(** {1 Market data} *)
 module Market_data : sig
 (* setup.ml generated for the first time by OASIS v0.2.0 *)
-(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 1316d0c201a8a4ccc09b5ebd13d287d5) *)
+(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 2da336bd8332fad395f4020dc4583021) *)
    Regenerated by OASIS v0.3.0
    Visit http://oasis.forge.ocamlcore.org for more information and
           ocaml_version = Some (OASISVersion.VGreaterEqual "4.00");
           findlib_version = Some (OASISVersion.VGreaterEqual "1.3.1");
           name = "ibx";
-          version = "0.6.0";
+          version = "0.6.1";
           license =
      oasis_fn = Some "_oasis";
      oasis_version = "0.3.0";
-     oasis_digest = Some "qZZ\195k\231\211\229?(\209\231\029 \242\203";
+     oasis_digest = Some "\tUI\142\192\133\169N\140\019\198\020^\185\006\203";
      oasis_exec = None;
      oasis_setup_args = [];
      setup_update = false;
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