Oliver Gu avatar Oliver Gu committed cb8519c

Fixed problem with ambigious contract description

The concrete error message was:
200 - The contract description specified for MSFT is ambiguous.

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 let print_market_data ~duration =
   Common.with_tws_client (fun tws ->
     let print_ticks symbol color =
-      Tws.market_data_exn tws ~contract:(Contract.stock ~currency:`USD symbol)
+      let stock = Contract.stock ~currency:`USD symbol in
+      Tws.contract_specs_exn tws ~contract:stock
+      >>= fun specs ->
+      Tws.market_data_exn tws ~contract:(Contract_specs.to_contract specs)
       >>= fun (ticks, id) ->
       upon (Clock.after duration) (fun () -> Tws.cancel_market_data tws id);
       Pipe.iter ticks ~f:(unstage (make_tick_printer ~id ~symbol ~color))


         (Symbol.of_string symbol)
-      Tws.quote_snapshot_exn tws ~contract:stock)
+      Tws.contract_specs_exn tws ~contract:stock
+      >>= fun specs ->
+      (* extract unambigious contract description *)
+      let contract = Contract_specs.to_contract specs in
+      Tws.quote_snapshot_exn tws ~contract)
     >>| fun quotes -> print_quote_table quotes)
 let command =
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